Date: May 26-29, 2006

2006 featured a new Moon, with windy weather on Friday and unseasonably cold weather on Saturday. The theme for this year was "Preserving and Observing the Dark Sky." For the first time, a special workshop was given by Tony Hallas for prepaid registrants.


Keynote Speaker: Mike Brown, "Beyond Pluto: Discovery of the 10th Planet"

Robert Fulton Goff Invitational Lecture on Optics and Optical Design: John Gregory, "My 60 Years of Astro-Optics"

Chris Schur, "Astroimaging Off the Beaten Track: The Wild - the Exotic"
David Metz and Fred Metzler,"Canon DSLRs"
Dave Rodrigues, "A Magical Tour of the Universe"
Dan Duriscoe, "Inventorying and Preserving the Night Sky Quality in the National Park System"
Rick Fienberg, "The International Year of Astronomy"
Anthony Stillman, "Bronze Metal Mirrors"
Steven Overholt, "Hosting Astronomy at National Parks, Schools, and Libraries"
Tim Thompson, "The Spitzer Space Telescope"
Dann McCreary, "The McCreary Mount - A New Technology Equatorial Platform"

Workshops/Annex Presentations

Ralph Megna and Walt Lickteig, "New Technology for Lunar and Planetary Imaging"
Chris Schur, "Image Processing: Getting the Color Right"
Alan Binder, "Lunar Prospector"
Shelley R. Bonus, "Fun With Space E Tracy and the Solar System Show for the Whole Family"
Tony Hallas, "Astroimaging"

Merit Awards

Astronomer's Choice Award
Ken Graun and Alan Binder, Three Galilean telescopes

John Anderson, Solar spectroscope and siderostat
Richard Erich, 8" f/8 folded refractor
William Phelps, Alt-az siderostat
Ross Sackett, 8" f/4.5 Mahogany hybrid fork-Dob travelscope
Charles Wicks, 6" F/15 Refractor & German Equatorial Mount

Clifford W. Holmes Award

Al Fink

Clyde Tombaugh Award

Canon Inc.

Astroimaging Contest Winners

Best of Show: Alson Wong and Bob Stephens, "2006 Total Solar Eclipse"

Meteors/Atmospheric Effects: Tom Varden
Eclipses/Transits: Alson Wong and Bob Stephens,
"2006 Total Solar Eclipse"
Solar System: Tom Varden
Deep Sky: Tom Varden