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Date: May 23-26, 2008

2008 featured a third quarter Moon, with snow on Friday, and mostly clear but cold nights during the weekend. The theme for this year was "Planets and Moons." On Saturday a live broadcast from JPL of the Phoenix Mars Lander was provided in the dining hall.


Keynote Speaker: Chris Butler, "From Nine Planets to Nine Billon Worlds: Visualizing the New Frontiers of Astronomy"

Robert Fulton Goff Invitational Lecture on Optics and Optical Design: Roger Ceragioli, "New Telescopes From Bernhard Schmidt"

Ralph Megna, "Amateur Observatories and Warm Rooms: Lessons Learned at GMARS"
Jack Newton, "Astro Imaging Using a Variety of Telescopes and Cameras"
Olivier Thizy, "High Resolution Amateur Spectroscopy"
Kelly Beatty, "The Sputnik Years"
Tim Thompson, "The Evolution of Galaxies"
Dave Rodrigues, "A Magical Tour of the Universe"
Doug Zubenel, "Leslie C. Peltier: A Personal Retrospective"

Workshops/Annex Presentations

Shelley R. Bonus, "Let's Talk Outreach and RTMC AE -- Share Your Ideas"
Shelley R. Bonus, "Family Solar System Update"
Alex McConahay, "Astroimaging Panel"
Mike Unsold, "Astroimaging/Images Plus Workshop"

Merit Awards

Astronomer's Choice Award
Bob Pfaff, 12.5" f/11.5 coma-free SCT

Steve Collett, 50 mm refractor on modififed GOTO mount on home-made tripod

Clifford W. Holmes Award

Bob Eklund and Laura Woodard-Eklund

Clyde Tombaugh Award

Mike Unsold

Astroimaging Contest Winners

Best of Show: Robert Johnson, "The Witch's Broom Nebula"

Meteors/Atmospheric Effects: Cynthia Earl, "Contrails on a December Morning"
Eclipses/Transits: George Georgianna,
"Lunar Eclipse 8-28-07"
Solar System: Steve Riegel,
"Active Sun at Solar Minimum"
Deep Sky: Robert Johnson,
"The Witch's Broom Nebula"
Other: Mike Madsen, "Comet Holmes with Mirfak"